We at Fairywill are always striving to develop and offer high quality dental health products at an affordability price.

Fairywill Sonic Toothbrushes are products that the entire family can use. We belive in creating the best quality dental products for prices that everyone can appreciate.

We believe in big smiles, clean teeth, and happu mouths. We will always stand behind our product's quality and price, and guarantee that you will love your Fairywill products.

The Q&A

  • Q: Where can I buy Fairywill Toothbrush Replacement Heads?
  • A: You can find Fairywill Toothbrush Replacement Heads on the official website or the Fairywill Amazon Shop. Be sure to purchase the correct replacement head for your Fairywell Toothbrush Model.
  • Q: Can Fairywill's Toothbrush Head be compatible with Oral-B and Philips toothbrushes?
  • A: No, they are not compatible.
  • Q: What should I do if misplaced my Fairywill Charging Cable?
  • A: You can find Fairywill Charging Cables by searching for Fairywill Charging Cables on the official website or Amazon Shop.
  • Q: My toothbrush is broken. I’m still under the one year warranty, how do I contact after sales service regarding an exchange?
  • A: Please contact our after-sales customer service team directly at support@fairywill.com to provide the warranty information for an exchange.
  • Q: Are Fairywell Toothbrushes waterproof? Can I use it when I shower?
  • A: Yes, all Fairywell brushes are waterproof and can be used while showering.


For any questions, we can also be reached at .Or please simply drop us a line.

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